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Artist's Statement

I work in a world that’s in a constant flux. Always changing. Always flowing. As a result my work, even when narrowed down by interests, is also in constant flux--confronting and considering a large variety of topics. My interests include investigating human connections and fighting fear culture through the human body, the BDSM scene, the inner workings of various subcultures that I myself am in, sex positivity, radical acceptance, and, being coupled with all of these subjects and examined on it’s own, the human mind.

I enjoy working with the place of human beings in everything. Our influence, the way we perceive things, learn, and ourselves like the world we live in, are in a constant flux. It seems only natural as our species does great and terrible things in a realm of chaos. This flux is what makes me insistent on freezing all these moments, fleeting though they may be. And with my art I am empowered to capture these moments in a box, in a sound, in a physical being, in a interaction.

When looking at these moments, instances, I often notice how between all parallels and dualities are massive seas of varying grey areas. I like to explore that in deeper fashions highlighting this by working by juxtaposing things in the form of diptychs, multi-media works and installations, and often text. I focus on making a place of comfort, making certain topics more accessible, and immersing the viewer in an environment (physical or mental).

For this reason, my main mediums lean towards interactive new media works, photography, and sound, though I also find myself dabbling in moving image, performance, poetry, and sculpture as I let no one medium define my work, but my work define its medium.

An example would be the series of binaural sound pieces that I have been intending on picking back up, in order to replicate and capture bad trips on hallucinogenic drugs. Using visual art would be so easy to explore that idea. However, visual art in these matters is fraught with preconceived notions of how things should look and so the subject very clearly in my eyes chose a nonvisual form. It, like the experience the hallucinogenic drugs I am replicating, can therefore leave the listener to create their own imagery in their minds and get lost in the feeling the environment that binaural sound gives them.

My art, in this way, chooses its form in order to embody the ability to play with the human mind and allow for people to become lost in a thing, be that comfort or madness, and find themselves enlightened or at the very least having an experience with things they commonly wouldn't be.

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