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A Study of the State of Human Dress, 2013

This project was shot with a Pentax and B&W 35mm film; the film, of course, being scanned to the computer with an Imacon Film Scanner. This project was more of a way to challange myself as an artist and a photographer. One thing every one who has modeled for me will tell you is I move far more than I require the subject to move and, in fact, give them almost no direction perferring to shoot what they throw at the camera—getting something more geniune by simply talking with them and having them lowering their walls. For this project, I sat in the same chair, the same distance away from the subject for every shoot. I didn't move and, though I still talked them, I gave them more direction. What should I wear? "Wear what you would wear for a fancy dress party, a job interview, a formal affair." They would arrive at the shooting location, a fabric backdrop and strobes were used to create a studioesque setting. "Stand here, you can move, but stay within this area." What should I do?/How do you want me to pose? "Throw what you feel at every point of this shoot at me, at this lens. Use your face, your body language to convey this." And then finally I told them when to undress. I took images during every state of dress, and I luckily have access to people varying in age and gender willing to model for me. I displayed these images in six columns of four. The first image of the model dressed, the middle images of them in the transitional state of undressing, and final nude/naked. I did this to expose the various changes of different people in different states of dress. I literally was asking them to bare themselves in front of my camera and the results are as varried as the individuals and you can watch them transform as their clothes hit the floor.

         Grace, 19                              Shaggy, 20                               Rogue, 35                           Alpha, 40                           Charlie, 40                      Miss Maxine, 46

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